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Kawa Afrika : The flavor of solidarity 


The Artisanal roasting project, Kawa Afrika, has its roots in the desire to help small coffee farmers in Rwanda by adding value to a product which is the livelihood of more than 5 million people in this country in east Africa. 


In the Ardeche department, Kawa Afrika is developing the trade of artisanal coffee roasting in keeping with traditional and with fair trade. Concerning fair trade, Kawa Afrika's aim is to enable the producers, themselves to have complete mastery of their product, from coffee farm to coffee cup. 


These exceptional arabicas have been produced with respect for individuals and with demanding high quality standards. In discovering them, you will join the tranks of coffee lovers worldwide who already appreciate them. You will recognize the matchless savor of solidarity. 




The high quality of moutain-grown arabicas 


Tree-covered mountains, great lakes, the source of the Nile make up "Green Africa" and give these arabicas their distinctive aromas. In Rwanda, at altitudes between 1350 and 2400 meters, fertile land, temperate climate, and abundant rain make it possible to produce high-quality arabicas with their unmistakable flavor. 


Slow maturing and selective hand picking are among the demanding criteria established with small farmers in producer organizations that guide Kawa Afrika in its selection of different varieties of coffee.


After harvesting, and contrary to most other procedures, the coffee cherries are thoroughly washed before roasting. This yields a bright red bean called "fully washed". Of course, this method reduces the bitterness of the coffee, but at the same time it reduces the quantity of coffee produced at the end of process. The beans are then shipped by boat to Saint Montan, Ardeche, for traditional, artisanal roasting. 


Thanks to the special character of their region of production, responsible growing practices that respect individuals, the seasons and the environment, Kawa Afrika's green coffees become exceptional products. 


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